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Informational Videos

Here at American Relocation & Logistics, we care about making your move as simple as possible. We are the experts in moving and relocation and  have been serving southern California and Los Angeles County with moving services since 1993. If you are feeling nervous about moving or if it is your first time moving to a new house, watch our videos below to help you prepare for your move. For additional help visit our helpful moving hints page or feel free to give us a call today!


Prepare for your move out day

The day that you are actually moving out is probably the most stressful day of the entire move. Watch the video below to learn what you need to do to prepare for the move out day and some tips to ensure that everything goes smoothly.


Packing your Bedroom

Learn how to package everything in your bedroom such as your wardrobe, linens, bedding, small electronics, books, photo frames, bed, and more!


Packing your Dining Room

Moving your dining room can be tricky. See how you should pack your china, silverware, bowls, glasses, and other essential dining room items.


Packing your Family Room

See how to pack your family room items and ensure that they are properly cared for.


Packing your Kitchen

This video focuses on how to pack kitchen items like plates, cups, appliances, food, and more.


Loading a Moving Container

Learn how you should properly load a moving container.


Preparing for your Move In Day

All your hard work has been towards the move in day. In this video, you'll learn how to make this day as smooth as possible.