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If you are looking for a home moving company that offers special storage services you can afford, then American Moving is for you. American Relocation specializes in storage for moving, so you can rest assured that every single item you own will be accounted for. To learn more about our storage services, see below!

American offers short and long-term storage for your furniture and valuables. When you place your delivery order, our advanced bar-code inventory system guarantees that every item will be accounted for and delivered in good condition. No matter how long your possessions are stored with American, you can rest assured they will be safe in our state-of-the-art storage facility.

We offer around-the-clock, 24-hour security of our premises and closed-circuit video surveillance of our property. Our warehouse supervisors have over 75 years of combined experience and are experts when it comes to handling and caring for your goods.

American offers storage rates 25% cheaper than most public storage facilities and until April 30th your first month of storage is FREE.

Storage Services:

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